Difference Between Medicare and Medibank

Medicare vs Medibank Health care has become very expensive these days and treatment for ailments in a hospital have gone beyond the means of common people. It is not just the prices of drugs but fees of doctors and hospitalization charges have become so high that is prudent to get some sort of medical insurance […]

Difference Between Medicare and Private Health Insurance

Medicare vs Private Health Insurance Medicare and Private Health Insurance are two of the health care programmes available in Australia, one is the national programme and the other consists of private health insurance policies. Australia has one of the best health care systems in the world. The federal government spends about 9.8% of the GDP […]

Difference Between Health Care and Health Insurance

Health Care vs Health Insurance Health care and Health insurance are two phrases, loosely taken to be one and the same. When we talk about Australia, people opt for health insurance from private companies to boost and supplement their health care options they are supposed to get under the national health care system, also known […]