Difference Between Adjoining and Connecting Rooms

Difference Between Adjoining and Connecting Rooms

Key Difference – Adjoining vs Connecting Rooms   Adjoining and connecting rooms are the type of hotel rooms that are mostly preferred by families or groups of friends who want to stay together. Although many people assume that adjoining rooms are the same as the connecting rooms, there is a distinct difference between adjoining and […]

Difference Between Lodge and Inn

Difference Between Lodge and Inn

Key Difference – Lodge vs Inn   Lodge and inn are two types of accommodation in tourism. Lodge is a place that mainly provides accommodation whereas an inn is an establishment that provides food, drink and accommodation. This is the key difference between lodge and inn. However, it is also important to notice that the […]

Difference Between 4 Star and 5 Star Hotel

Difference Between Five Star and Four Star Hotel

4 Star vs 5 Star Hotel   Are you planning a stay in a hotel and wondering what is the difference between five star and four star hotel that are worth for the money, then read on. Gone are the days where the weary travelers spent the overnight in the inns of the countryside when the darkness […]

Difference Between Airlines and Airways

Airlines vs Airways   Have you ever noticed why some of the air transport companies carrying passengers or freight are called airlines while some other ones prefer to be called airways? No one pays any attention to the suffix that is used by the company, and you are happy as long as the company takes […]

Difference Between Luggage and Suitcase

Luggage vs Suitcase   Luggage is a word that is used to refer to the packages a traveler has along with him. These packages contain the belongings of the person that are necessities for him during his trip such as clothing and toiletries. In short, all the articles that a traveler is carrying with him […]

Difference Between Lodge and Cabin

Lodge vs Cabin   There are many different names in vogue for structures used for accommodation purposes. People are often confused between the lodge and a cabin that are structures used during outdoor adventures and also as cheap accommodation in cities and other urban areas. Despite similarities, there are differences between a lodge and a […]

Difference Between Guest House and B&B

Guest House vs B&B   If you are in a city other than your own, accommodation becomes a problem if you do not have relatives or friends there. Apart from hotels, there are many different options available to travelers, students, and businessmen in the form of inns, guesthouses, hostels, dormitories, apartments, and B&B, especially in […]

Difference Between Guesthouse and Hostel

Guesthouse vs Hostel   Accommodation is a big problem for travelers, students, tourists, and businessmen when they are in a foreign city or a different city than their own in their country. There are many different kinds of accommodation facilities known by different names such as hotel, guest house, hostel, B&B, and so on. In […]

Difference Between Tourist and Traveler

Tourist vs Traveler   Making a trip, going on a vacation, touring, and travelling are some of the words and phrases that are common with the concept of moving to different places. History is replete with renowned travelers like Christopher Columbus and Hsuan Tsang but not tourists. Why? Is there a difference between a traveler […]