Difference Between Feudalism and Democracy

Difference between feudalism and democracy-

Key Difference – Feudalism vs Democracy   Feudalism and Democracy are two  different forms of governance. The key difference between these two forms of governance is that, feudalism is a way of structuring the society around relationships derived from the holding of land in exchange for service or labour while the democracy is a way of government […]

Difference Between Convention and Declaration

Difference Between Convention and Declaration

Convention vs Declaration   Convention and declaration, though the two words are confused to be the same by some people, are two different words having a clear difference between their meanings. When paying attention to the world arena, in the study of international relations, the two terms convention and declaration are widely used. This is […]

Difference Between Political Culture and Political Socialization

Political Culture vs Political Socialization

Political Culture vs Political Socialization   Though there is a connection between political culture and political socialization, they refer to two different concepts in political sociology that show a subtle difference between them. Political culture refers to the beliefs, practices, and attitudes of people that influence their behavior in politics. It is in accordance with their […]

Difference Between Conspiracy and Complicity

Conspiracy vs Complicity

Conspiracy vs Complicity   The difference between conspiracy and complicity is in the amount of involvement of a person in a crime. Of course, both terms, conspiracy and complicity, are connected to illegal and unlawful actions. Complicity is that somebody is aware of a crime that is happening or going to happen but he/she fails to report […]

Difference Between Rights and Obligation

Rights vs Obligation

Rights vs Obligation   The key difference between rights and obligation is that, while rights refer to what we gain, obligations refer to what we should do. Rights and obligations play a key role in any society. It is these rights and obligations that strengthen the society, giving it more stability. They also lead to […]

Difference Between Autocracy and Monarchy

Autocracy vs Monarchy

Autocracy vs Monarchy   Both Autocracy and Monarchy are similar ruling systems with some difference between them. Monarchy refers to a ruling system where the power and the sole authority of the nation lay in one or two individuals’ hands. These individuals who entertain the fullest power were called the monarchs. Autocracy, on the other hand, refers to […]

Difference Between Legitimate and Illegitimate Child

Legitimate vs Illegitimate Child

Legitimate vs Illegitimate Child   Identifying the difference between the terms legitimate and illegitimate child is not difficult. Indeed, many of us are somewhat familiar with the meaning of both terms. Essentially, they refer to a lawful child or unlawful child. However, given the harshness of the term ‘unlawful’ or ‘illegitimate,’ particularly with reference to […]

Difference Between Secularism and Communalism

Secularism vs Communalism

Secularism vs Communalism   Though both Secularism and Communalism are related to ruling and governing of a nation, they are not one and the same; there is a huge difference between them. Communalism is referred to as the system where different ethnic groups form their own communes and each commune is expected to be an […]

Difference Between Covenant and Contract

Difference Between Covenant and Contract

Covenant vs Contract   The difference between Covenant and Contract is not identifiable at the first glance. Indeed, given that both terms are loosely interpreted as a promise between two or more persons, the distinction between the two becomes more ambiguous. The term contract is not an uncommon word and we have all heard its […]

Difference Between Investigation and Interrogation

Difference Between Investigation and Interrogation

Investigation vs Interrogation   Though the fans of detective shows are well acquainted with the terms investigation and interrogation, if someone asks them to tell the difference between investigation and interrogation, they may draw a blank. This is particularly because,  the two words sound similar and, although some of us might have a basic understanding […]