Difference Between Open Source and Proprietary Software

Difference Between Open Source and Proprietary Software

Key Difference – Open Source vs Proprietary Software   The key difference between open source and proprietary software is that the open source software publishes the source code whereas the proprietary software retains the source code.  In the recent past, open source softwares have seen a significant developments. The open source software has become a major player in […]

Difference Between Pointer and Reference

Difference Between Pointer and Reference

Key Difference – Pointer vs Reference   Before discussing the difference between pointer and reference, let us first look at the meaning of these two terms briefly. In a program, data occupy memory. The exact location of memory in which the data was placed in at an execution time should be known in order to […]

Difference Between OOP and POP

Difference between OOP and POP

Key Difference – OOP vs POP   Before  discussing the difference between OOP and POP, let us first look at some basic concepts of the programming process. There are many different approaches to a programming process when building solutions for various types of problems using programming. These approaches are known as programming paradigms. Most programming […]

Difference Between Ajax and jQuery

difference between ajax and jQuery

Key Difference – Ajax vs jQuery   Ajax and jQuery are two web programming languages, developed to provide a user-friendly, efficient, and attractive environment on the web pages. The key difference between Ajax and jQuery is that the jQuery is more like a Frame Work, which is built using JavaScript while Ajax is a technique or […]

Difference Between Deadlock and Starvation

Deadlock vs Starvation

Deadlock vs Starvation   The main difference between deadlock and starvation is the cause and effect relationship between them; it is deadlock that causes starvation. Another interesting difference between deadlock and starvation is that deadlock is a problem while starvation can, sometimes, help to get out from a deadlock. In the computer world, when writing a computer […]

Difference Between Process and Thread

Difference Between Process and Thread

Process vs Thread   In order to let computers do more than one activity at a time, both process and thread provide a great service, but there is difference between them in the way they operate. All the programs running on a computer uses at least one process or thread. Process and thread let the processor […]

Difference Between Margin and Padding

Difference Between Margin and Padding

Margin vs Padding   Difference between margin and padding is an important aspect in CSS as margin and padding are two important concepts used in CSS to provide spacing between different items. Padding and margins are not interchangeable and have different purposes so must be used appropriately. The padding is the space between the content and […]

Difference between Tree and Graph in Data Structure

Difference Between Tree and Graph in Data Structure

Tree vs Graph in Data Structure   Since trees and graph are the non-linear data structures that are used to solve complex computer problems, knowing the difference between tree and graph in data structure is useful. Both data structures represent the data items in the mathematical form. The main objective of the article is to […]

Difference Between Visual Basic and Visual Basic.Net (VB6 and VB.net)

Visual Basic vs Visual Basic.Net (VB6 vs VB.net)   VB aka Visual Basic is a programming language that was released around 1991 as a product by Microsoft. It is a third generation event driven programing language, which supports Rapid Application Development (aka RAD). Visual Basic 6, or VB6, was released in 1998, and it is […]

Difference Between API and IDE

API vs IDE   Both API and IDE are used in the development of software programs. Even though, both are used for software development, they have differences when you consider about the facilities they provide and how they behave. What is API (Application Programming Interface)? API or Application Programming Interface provides an interface to communicate […]