Difference Between Angel and Archangel

Angel vs Archangel

Difference between angel and archangel can be a topic of interest to you if you like to know more about the messengers of God. You can find Angels and Archangels in the religious traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Angel is the basic or common messenger of God. However, archangels are a special type of angels. You may find hundreds of angels, but only a few archangels. That is because they are unique, and they are a sort of leaders of angels. Both types of angles are, however, believed to have been created by the God to watch over humans.

Who is an Angel?

The word angel in Hebrew Bible, Greek New Testament, and Quran means ‘a messenger of God’. The word is only denotative of the duties of a messenger. The word does not describe the name of any type for that matter. Most of the time, in art, angels are illustrated as humanoids with bird-like wings (white feathers) and halos. Most of the times, they are in robes, and they are always shown to be in midst of various types of glowing lights.

Difference Between Angel and Archangel

There are nine types of angels that fall into three major groups known as choirs. They too are individuals just like us. There is, of course, a great difference between the angels and us. They can see far beyond the limit of time. They are seers. They are qualified by the characteristics of patience and forbearance. They are equipped with an extraordinary knowledge of our own goals and assist us in fulfilling the goals. They do not interfere with our free will, of course.

Who is an Archangel?

An archangel, on the other hand, describes a messenger with a higher rank. In short, it can be said that an archangel is a chief messenger. It is a general belief that there are nine classes of angels. It is interesting to note that the Bible speaks of only three classes of angels.

The archangels, on the other hand, are like the angels who do the duty of guarding us. They do their best to guard all physical things. As a matter of fact, the archangels are protectors of the entire mankind. They are best in finding solutions for the mankind as a whole. In fact, archangels are the angels that appear in the form of human beings. It is firmly believed that the angels work in the human beings to shape them as philosophers, thinkers, and leaders. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are the archangels mentioned in the Bible.

Angel vs Archangel


Some beliefs speak about a group of seven archangels. However, the actual angels vary depending on the belief. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are always included. Other angels vary. However, Uriel is always included too.

What is the difference between Angel and Archangel?

• An angel is a messenger of the God. An archangel is a messenger with a higher rank. You can say that an archangel is a chief messenger.

• When it comes to their duties, there is a small difference between the duty of an angel and an archangel. An angel is there to oversee humans and guide the humans, as well as answer the prayers of the ones in need. Archangels are more of guardians of the humans. They are mainly there for the protection of humans.

• The big difference between an angel and an archangel is that you can call an angel to help you personally, but you cannot call an archangel to help you personally though they are bent upon guarding you along with the angels.

• It is believed that archangels are more powerful than angels.

• Angels are not given specifications by naming them as individuals. However, archangels are known by names. The most popular archangels, who are present in most of the beliefs, are Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.


Images Courtesy: Guardian angel and Michael via Wikicommons (Public Domain)