Difference Between Anthem and Song

Anthem vs Song

Every country has a song or poetic verse that serves the purpose of filling its people with feelings of nationalism and is played at official functions such as national days and international games and meets. It is one song that is set to music and has a standard duration and dignity to be sung in a proper manner. There is also a song given the status of a national song, though many countries do not have a national song and have just a national anthem. There are many differences between a national anthem and a national song, though not many are aware of them, and some confuse between the two not knowing their values and significance. A good example to explain these two terms is India where both are available. Let us take a closer look at the national anthem and national songs with reference to India.

A national anthem has an exalted status in the minds of the citizens and requires propriety before it can be sung. It is usually reserved to be sung on special occasions like republic day, Independence Day, and international sports meet. A national anthem is a song that is revered by the people of the country and is granted privileges by the constitutions and law. There are occasions when singing of national anthem can be declared compulsory. In most cases, and certainly in Indian case, national anthem is a patriotic song that arouses feelings of nationalism. It is granted official status by the government and sung at all national ceremonies.

A national song has a less exalted status than a national anthem and is not sung at national ceremonies (there is no compulsion certainly). There are no rules and regulations to be observed while national song is being sung, though it commands respect and arouses sentimental feelings in the minds of the citizens of the country.

In India, it was the constituent assembly that granted the status of national anthem to Jana Gana Mana, while according the status of national song to Vande Mataram.

What is the difference between Anthem and Song?

· Not all countries have both a national anthem and a national song.

· A national anthem is a song that is set to music, and has an exalted status for the people of the country.

· There are rules and regulations as well as propriety pertaining to a national anthem, while a national song, though important, is not sung compulsorily in national ceremonies where it is only national anthem that has to be sung.

· National anthem, requires the audience to give it a standing ovation and sing along with it, if possible

· National anthem arouses feelings of nationalism and reminds citizens of the history and culture of the country.