Difference Between Blog and Website

Blog vs Website

The main difference between a Blog and a Website is that blog is created for websites and website is the place where blogs are posted. Blog is an online journal for public consumption.

Blog is an online journal (personnel) that is updated frequently and is intended for public usage. Blogs are usually a series of entries posted in a site related to the product or service the site is offering. The main difference between a Blog and a Website is that a blog is created for websites and website is the place where blog’s are posted.

The web traffic is been directed to the website and these traffic come to different websites based on the content and the quality of the material on the website. Blog’s are used to post matters in a more casual way. Have you noticed? Blog’s always referring as we and I when discussed. It’s the author’s opinion or suggestion about the topic. The reader can also write there comments on the site based on the customizations made. The author of a Blog is known as blogger.

Creating a blog is not a big job because all one needs to know is what he needs to write and what is the intention or the aim of the blog. It’s easy because there are no tools involved. However that is not the same seen with websites. One who wants to create a website needs to know web language such as php, xml and html. That is the reason why creating a blog is any day simpler than creating a website. Where will one post blogs? Then we would need website.

Blogs as well as websites play a vital role in showing the credibility and value of a business enterprise. It enables its customer to know more about the product and services promoted or manufactured by the concern. Though blogs and websites have similar features they are different

Publishing content- Content in a blog could be ones personal interests, experiences, reviews and what not. A website is a formal and official publishing place wherein you can post only contents related directly to product and services. Website contents are charged since it involves one to know computer language whereas a blog can be written in common language.

Creation concern-Creating a website involves cost because every one cannot do it. All contents needs to go through computer language which could be html or so. Creating a blog is not that difficult since it can be done even with ready made templates.Blogs can be customized according to owners preferences.

Cost- Creation of a website involves more cost because it involves web space, server, web designers, content writers etc. where as blogs can be created at  a very less cost or even free with sites like Blogger and WordPress.

Blogs are dynamic: In website content changes only with change in product or services whereas blogs can be updated to make the web space look more alive. Blogs can be used as a tool to get traffic to the site.

Communication flow: Websites provides a forum for one way communication. Blogs provide a forum wherein two way communications is done. The flow of ideas is more in such a scenario.