Difference Between Burgundy and Mahogany

Key Difference – Burgundy vs Mahogany

Burgundy and Mahogany are two reddish brown shades that are similar to each other. Burgundy is named after the wine Burgundy whereas mahogany is named after the Mahogany timber.  The key difference between burgundy and mahogany is that burgundy has a slight purplish tinge compared to mahogany.

What is Burgundy?

Burgundy is a shade of reddish or pinkish brown. The term burgundy actually comes from the Burgundy wine, which is named after the Burgundy region of France. When referring to the name of the color, burgundy is not usually capitalized.

This color is usually created by adding purple to red. There are two main variations in this shade: vivid burgundy and old burgundy. Vivid burgundy is a brighter tone which is used in cosmetology, especially as a hair color. Old burgundy is a darker shade of burgundy. The hex triplet code of burgundy is #900020.

Burgundy is a very popular color in fashion; it is a fashionable shade in lipsticks and is also a commonly used for bed sheets and pillow cases. The color psychology states that this color indicates dignified action, determined ambition and controlled power. Burgundy is considered to be less sophisticated, serious and less energetic than true red. It is considered to be a color preferred by the rich.

Difference Between Burgundy and Mahogany

What is Mahogany?

The color mahogany comes from the Mahogany tree, a hard reddish-brown tree from a tropical tree, which is used for quality furniture. Mahogany is a rich reddish brown just like the color of the Mahogany wood. However, most trees are not uniformly the same color. Thus, there are many tints and shades of this color. The color mahogany in the Crayola crayons is a red mahogany. Mahogany is also a popular color used for red hair colors. Mahogany used for hair color is a darker, more brownish shade. Hex triplet code of Mahogany is generally considered to be #C04000.

Key Difference - Burgundy vs Mahogany

What is the difference between Burgundy and Mahogany?


Burgundy is named after the Burgundy wine which is named after a region in France.

Mahogany is named after the timber of the same name.


Burgundy has a slight purplish or pinkish tint compared to mahogany.

Mahogany doesn’t have a pinkish tint.


Burgundy is darker than mahogany.

Mahogany is slightly lighter than burgundy.

Hex Triplet:

Burgundy has the hex triplet of #900020.

Mahogany has the hex triplet of #C04000.

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