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Difference Between CGA and CMA


CGA and CMA are careers that are both in demand, well-paid and touted as prolific and in demand in the field of accountancy. Just to be more clear, CGA stands for Certified General Accountant and CMA stands for Certified Management Accountant.


People who want to be trained as a CGA must possess two important qualities: excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Both qualities would surely help a person to be successful in this program. A person does not necessarily need to have a degree in commerce to be included, just and Bachelor’s degree in any field of expertise would do. Moreover, people who are interested can complete their studies through correspondence.


CMA programs would prepare a person to be able to manage managerial accounting tasks. Being creative would give an individual an edge against the competition for one has to solve a lot of financial problems in varying forms. A university degree is required prior to completion of the CMA exam. The exam is comprised of tests that would gauge your skills in terms of analysis, business knowledge and written communication.

Difference between CGA and CMA

Both careers are in the field of accountancy but they have a lot of differences. While the CGA programs would not require an individual to have a specific commerce degree CMA programs require them to have a University’s degree. CGA programs prioritize experience; CMA programs are more focused on face to face sessions so as to cultivate communication and negotiation skills. CGA programs can be managed through correspondence; CMA programs require individuals to complete an entrance exam. CGA programs comprise of two to three years worth of full time work; CMA programs require you to enroll in a strategic leadership program.

Whether an individual is interested in either CGA or CMA program, a good combination of education, natural skills and experience are required. One must possess the aforementioned attributes in order to be successful in either field.

Difference between Management Accountants and Chartered Accountants

In brief:

• CGA programs put emphasis on experience; CMA programs are very specific on educational attainment

• CGA programs require an individual to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills; CMA programs lean towards individuals who are very creative and analytical.


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  • Kardinal08

    Certified General Accountants are among the top 5% of income earners in Canada. You can find CGAs working in corporate and small-to medium-sized enterprises, IT, government and not-for-profit and public practice.

    To clarify, a university degree recognized by CGA Canada is an EXIT requirement of the program along with 36 months of full-time work experience in accounting and/or financial management. Of the 36 months, 12 months must be in Canada at the professional/senior level. If you’re interested in the CGA program visit:
    http://www.cga-canada.org, http://www.cga-domore.org, facebook.com/cgadomore

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