Difference Between Conscious and Conscience

Conscious vs Conscience

There are two words conscious and conscience in English language that confuse many because of their similarities. Many think them to be synonymous and even use them interchangeably. It is true that both words have something to do with one’s mind. However, there are differences that make the two words entirely different to be used in different contexts. This article attempts to highlight the differences between conscious and conscience to enable readers to use these powerful words correctly.


When you are awake, you are considered conscious. You are conscious when you are aware of your surroundings and are not asleep. Being in one’s senses is another phrase that is used for a person who is conscious. There are patients being operated upon by surgeons and bleeding profusely, but they are conscious and wide awake.

If you are sensitive about something or an issue, you are said to be conscious about them, or having consciousness about them .


One’s conscience is said to be his inner sense of what is right and what is wrong. Every individual has notions about his conduct and character that together make up his conscience. The beliefs held by an individual about concepts of fairness, justice, liberty, morality etc are collectively referred to as his conscience.

What is the difference between Conscious and Conscience?

• Conscious refers to one’s awareness whereas conscience refers to the moral strength of an individual

• There is nothing qualitative about the word conscious. It just reflects the fact that a person is wide awake. On the other hand, conscience is qualitative as it is judgmental and lies on a continuum.

• There are levels of conscious and people talk about raising one’s level of consciousness.

• Person is either conscious or unconscious whereas conscience does not have an antonym.

• Conscience of a person forces him to behave in a certain manner, in a given situation.

• Conscience is a part of one’s personality, and no two persons have the same conscience.

• Conscience of a person is his moral strength while his consciousness is his awareness.