Difference Between Fertilizer and Turf Builder

Fertilizer vs Turf Builder

It is every homeowner’s dream to have a lush green lawn and a beautiful backyard. For this purpose he uses different types of fertilizers. There are many kinds of fertilizers available in the market full of vital nutrients that help the grass and plants to grow. Turf builder on the other hand is the brand name of a fertilizer made by Scotts Company. There are similarities, as Turf Builder also comes as a fertilizer besides being available as other products for the health of your lawn. If you Google the word Turf Builder, you would come up with results that include fertilizers, herbicides, grass seeds and other chemicals.

Turf builder is being promoted as Miracle grow that has the power to make your lawn green and lively. Turf builder is mostly synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals that may be harmful to your soil rather than helping the grass to grow. There are many other natural options such as manure than use fertilizers or Turf Builder. Natural fertilizers such as manure have many other benefits for the soil such as improving bulk density. The nutrients of natural fertilizers remain in the soil for much longer than those found in Turf Builder.


While we all know what a fertilizer is, Turf Builder is a brand name for not only fertilizers, but many other items being sold by Scotts.