Difference Between Ghost and Poltergeist

Ghost vs Poltergeist

Experiences that lie outside the realms of reality are termed as paranormal, and the study of paranormal often talks about ghosts, spirits, and poltergeist. Many people remain confused between ghosts and poltergeist because of similarities and description that contains a lot of similarities. However, ghosts and poltergeist are not the same, and there are differences that will be made clear in this article.


In folklore, and in the study of the paranormal, ghost is believed to be the soul of the deceased person or animal that has not passed on in its journey to the next stage but returns and can be seen or felt by the living beings. There have been numerous instances where people have reported experiencing ghost in different shapes and forms. Ghosts can be experienced in a lifelike form, or they can take any other form not known to us humans. There have even been instances where even dead animal’s souls have returned to haunt the places where they once lived and the people among whom they seen when alive.

When a person dies, his soul or the spirit normally leaves the realms of the physical world. But when this spirit does not start on its afterlife but remains within the realms of the living beings, it becomes a ghost. Thus, ghosts are beings or entities that are trapped between the real world and the afterworld. These entities are capable of interaction with the living beings. It is believed that ghosts come back to finish their unfinished business or keep on haunting their favorite locations.

A ghost can be mean or naughty, but there have also been examples of good natured ghosts that have even guided or helped living beings in distress. In rare cases, ghosts have even avenged their wrongdoing at the hands of others by killing their oppressors. A ghost is an intelligent being that is not there to cause havoc or destruction all the time.


Poltergeist is a German word that refers to spirits that are noisy in nature and in general make sounds, throw things, hurt people, and move objects here and there. These are manifestations of an entity that can mimic human voices and even hit, pinch, or bite living beings. Poltergeists cause trouble for people, but they are certainly not ghosts. They are not linked with a dead person or animal but are rather invisible force or energy that manifests itself in the form of destructive acts and sounds it makes.

Girls entering puberty and those entering menopause create a lot of negative energy. This negative energy takes a collective form and a life of its own at times. This takes the manifestation of the poltergeist that is seen creating havoc in the household, causing trouble for girls reaching the age of puberty and for women reaching menopause. Poltergeist is mostly experienced by single individuals and these persons become the medium through which the energy moves objects and throws them around. Poltergeist does not possess a human being but rather uses him or her as a medium to exhibit the psychic force.

What is the difference between Ghost and Poltergeist?

• A ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person whereas poltergeist is a psychic force or collection of negative energy.

• Poltergeist comes from German Poltren and geist, which mean noisy and ghost respectively.

• Poltergeist uses a person as a medium to exhibit energy and can even pinch, bite, or hurt others.

• Poltergeist is paranormal energy that mimics human sounds and can move objects around. Some believe it to be a creation of negative energy produced by girls reaching puberty and women reaching menopause.

• While a ghost is the soul of the deceased that has not left the realms of the living, poltergeist is negative energy that manifests itself through an individual.

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