Difference Between House and Electro

House vs Electro

House and electro are electronic music genres that are very popular and also have many similarities. Electronic music is produced using electronic instruments such as a computer, synthesizer, and a Theremin. Once labeled as western art music, electronic music today has become very common, and House and Electro are just two of the many genres evolving out of this music form. This article attempts to find out the differences between Electro and House genres of Electronic music.

House Music

It was in the 80’s in Chicago, in US that this genre of electronic dance music emerged. This kind of music has been the backbone of club music all around the world since its inception. It makes use of 4/4 beat and is known so because of the fact that, in its early period, this music was mostly played in warehouses. Though it was influenced by many different types of music, experts believe that it is derived from disco music. There is an unmistakable kick beat in all House music. House music is heavily electronic with not much of lyrics to go alongside this music.

Electro Music

This is a genre of electronic dance music that is also known as electro funk or electro boogie. It originated with the use of drum machines, and it contains no vocals most of the time. Vocals, if they are present, are rendered in the form of a text in this kind of electronic dance music. Thus, it is different from other genres in that it is totally made up of electronic sounds. The decline of disco and the introduction of drum machines is believed to be the stimuli for the development of this kind of electronic music.

House vs Electro

• Deadpan delivery of words and music in the hip-hop genre are characteristic features of electro music.

• House is believed to have originated from disco music, whereas electro is believed to have resulted after the decline of disco music.

• House originated because of the introduction of drum machines.

• House got its name by the fact that it was mainly played in warehouses.