Difference Between HR and Public Relation (PR)

HR vs Public Relation (PR)

HR and Public Relation or PR are terms very frequently encountered in the corporate world. Both are utilized by an organization to maximize returns on investment. HR stands for Human resources and pertains to the workers or employees of an organization, though it has now come to refer to human potential of an entire nation. PR is short of Public relations and it pertains to making effective use of policies and strategies to create a good image of the company among the people. There are differences between the two terms that are highlighted in this article.


As the name implies, HR treats humans as resources just like raw material and the management plans policies and strategies to increase the efficiency of this resource so as to generate more profits for the organization. This is also known as human or man management that tries to increase the productivity of the employees by looking after their needs and drawing up plans to look after their welfare. Happy and content employees are an asset to any company and the results are there for all to see in terms of increased productivity ultimately resulting in higher production.


Maintaining good relations with the people outside the organization, particularly the press and the media is today an important function for any company. PR is a broad subject that encompasses projecting the works done by the organization in the field of social welfare to create a favorable image of the company in the minds of the people. PR is effectively a means to keep open dialogue with the outside world through press releases, media campaigns and advertisements to remain in the sight of the public. Image today is very important for any company and no means are spared to achieve this end