Difference Between Italian and Sicilian

Italian vs Sicilian

Italian and Sicilian have some things in common. First they are both in Europe. Most of the time it is confusing to think how they differ considering that Sicilians are living in an island which is in Italy. So, today let’s find out how they differ.


Italian is used to refer to something regardless of whether it is a person, an animal, a plant or a tradition that was conceived in Italy. Italian people speaks Italian as their mother tongue. A lot of Italian tradition had already reached the rest of the world.  Italian cuisine is popular worldwide. Pasta, Pizza, Espresso Coffee and Lasagna are believed to be Italian in origin. Not only that, Italy and Italians alike had contributions to world Art and history.


Sicilian on the other hand is what one should call the people from Sicily. Yes Sicily is in Italy but it is an autonomous region. It is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Just like all the other Italian regions, it has its own culture. They have their own beliefs and ways of life. Although the island is diversified, one can say they have a stable economy. They get most of their income through agriculture.

Difference between Italian and Sicilian

Italians and Sicilians. They have different ways of life, as well as different culture. If you say Italian, most likely you will imagine; pasta, how romantic the place is, or where should you dine once you get there. But if you think of Sicily, most likely one will think of fruits and vegetables.People say that Italians and Sicilians differ on how and what dialects do they speak. Sicilian uses Sicilian dialect which is a different dialect compared to the standard Italian. And lastly, one can definitely say that Sicilians are Italians but can never say that Italians are Sicilians.

Culture plays a vital role in our society. Just like Italian and Sicilian; they may be in the same country, but they have different cultures, thus they act differently.

In brief:

• Italians are known for pasta whereas Sicilians are known for their produce.

• Sicilians are Italians too but Italians may not be Sicilians.

  • thomas

    i’ve been told by my sicilian friends there is a difference, since their from palermo sicily, and don’t call them italians, it’s an insult.

  • Nick.

    To know a Sicilian you most know the Island’s history. Sicily is volcanic island in the middle of the Mediterranean. It has VERY fertile soil allowing for great farming and food production. This central prime Mediterranean location has been fought over and conquered by many cultures for a millennia. Arabs,Norman Vikings, Greeks, Italians, French, and probably a few more. The gene pool is from toughest war survivors from all over. The island’s genetic diversity is shown in many different physical genes. Having genes from strong war survivor ancestors, both Sicilian men and woman display rough and tough dominant territorial personalities. They are extremely protective and loving of their families. Many confrontations have a kick the bee hive effect with the entire family ready to jump in to defend their families with not a bit of hesitation. Sicilians are more straight toward than northern Italians. Many would say Sicilians are rude. Their intentions are not rude, but their culture is not one where you get sugar coated versions of the truth. YOU GET IT TOLD TO YOU JUST THE WAY IT IS. Sicilians are also very perceptive and stubborn. Once they’ve made up their mind, there is NO changing it. If one does not like you, that’s how they’ll feel for life. Sicilians also have brains like elephants, they forget very little if not nothing. If something you say today contradicts what you said 30 yrs ago, a sicilian will call you out on it instantly. Maybe its all the omega 3’s from a Mediterranean seafood diet lol. The average day in Sicily is a happy one. They’re a very social and helpful culture. The mafia is a real and active secret government. They collect their taxes you could say. I really can’t say for sure if paying the mafia tax gets you anything in return but I’d guess yes it does. There are also language differences between Italians and Sicilians. Italians are more relaxed and less territorial. Italians are more knowledgeable in subjects they know nothing about if you know what I mean. Sicilians will give you a concept they think makes sence while informing you they don’t know for sure. Italians repeat themselves a lot more. Sicilians HATE repeating themselves. If you cross a Italian, they’ll get even. If you cross a Sicilian they’ll try and most likely succeed in ruining your entire life.

  • Jimmy Chio

    Yeah but tell me what are Calabrese huh huh? Makes ya think doesn’t it….

    • Joseph

      I would agree and Barese too. All Southern Italy was once part of the Sicily’s you can do a history check on that. Southern Italy Naples, Bari(Puglia) and Calabria all have southern italian dialects that does not sound like standard Italian. They also had similar history of colonization of what is know Sicily. The have had Norman, Roman, Spanish, Greek, Arab..its all the same. How do I know..cause I am one. Thank you. All regions have their cultural difference. Sicilians, Barese and Calabrese have much more in common with each other than with Northern Italian. That is a fact! You will find that Sicily has much more Spanish and Greek and Arab influence as does Bari and Calabria. After all they were once part of the Sicily’s. * Southern Italy or Mezzogiorno (Italian pronunciation: [ˌmɛddzoˈdʒorno],[1] literally “midday”) is the traditional term for the southern regions of Italy, encompassing the southern section of the continental Italian Peninsula, the island of Sicily, and usually the island of Sardinia.[2][3][4] It generally coincides with the administrative regions of Abruzzo, Apulia, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Molise, Sicily, and Sardinia.[5][6][7] Some also include the most southern and eastern parts of Lazio (Sora, Cassino, Gaeta, Cittaducale and Amatrice districts) within the Mezzogiorno, because these territories were also part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The island of Sardinia, although for cultural and historical reasons having less in common with the aforementioned regions, is frequently included as Southern Italy or Mezzogiorno, often for statistical and economical purposes.[7][8

  • Jimmy Chio

    And what about those damn high and mighty Romans…

  • disqus_4Fqze84bkd

    This is not the only difference between us and Italians , we can cook.