Difference Between Know and No

Know vs No

Know and no are two simple English words that have same pronunciations but vastly different meanings. The reason why people confuse between ‘know and no’ is because they cannot differentiate between the two when they hear these words. However, if they pay attention to the rest of the sentence, it makes the task very easy indeed. This article attempts to make clear the differences between know and no once and for all.


No is a word that is used for negation in English. When you say no, you are actually refusing or rejecting a statement or a request. No is also used to respond in a negative manner to a question. When you are asked for a drink at a party and you do not want it, you say, no, thanks to indicate that you are not interested. Inside legislative bodies, motions are often passed or rejected on the basis of a voice vote. Those who are against the motion shout no to indicate their displeasure, and if their voice is strong enough, the motion falls.

No is the opposite of yes which is taken as your approval. When you say no, you mean you are not interested in what is being offered to you. No also indicates one’s displeasure against traditions and customs prevalent in the society that are discriminative in nature. No is a strong form of protest and is heard loud and clear in democracies around the world.


Know is a word that indicates one’s knowledge of a fact or information. You say I know, when asked a question by your teacher and also to a query in general in life. To know is to have a clear understanding of a concept, the working of a machine or a gadget, or the fact or figure of information. Know is a verb that refers to the act of knowing something. Know can be used to express one acquaintance with a place or an object or even an art. You say I know him when asked about another person if you really have knowledge about the person.

Know vs No

• There are things to know about whereas you say no to things you do not want.

• Knowing means having knowledge about something whereas no means your disapproval or your displeasure.

• No expresses negation and disapproval while know reflects the fact of knowing or acquaintance.

• Use no when you want to decline a thing or an offer but use know when you are aware of a fact or information.

• You are asked if you know the difference between A and B. You have to say no in response if you do not know the difference.