Difference Between Latex and Memory Foam

Latex vs Memory Foam

Buying a new mattress can be a blindfold decision for most buyers as they are not aware of the differences between the two main types of foams being used inside mattresses these days. Even if, they are shown the foam that has been used inside the mattresses, it is a very difficult choice for them as both look equally nice. With spring mattresses being a thing of the past, more and more people are choosing foam mattresses these days. This article attempts to find out the differences between latex ad memory foam to enable readers to choose one that is more suitable for them.

Latex Foam

This is foam that is made from the sap of trees of rubber. The sap is refined many times to remove the odor to create the latex foam finally. The product is available in many different densities to sit the requirements of the customers. The foam is very comfortable and supports the body of the person sleeping over the mattress very efficiently. This foam is very popular among the Europeans though North Americans still prefer Memory foam.

Being made from natural rubber, latex foam bounces off a surface just like a rubber ball. It is very elastic in nature. Latex foam is not viscous and, therefore, is good to sleep on. However, latex foam is not naturally breathable. It is considered hot by many for sleeping purposes. One great feature of latex foam is that it is very resilient and malleable making it very durable and comfortable to seep upon. This foam is available in both natural as well as synthetic varieties.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is specially created foam that is labeled as visco elastic foam. This is because the material has the unique ability to sense and react to the heat of the body of the person. The foam moulds itself to suit the unique shape of the user. However, this property is seen more prominently in denser memory foam. Denser qualities are more durable and comfortable though they are also more expensive.

Memory foam allows the user to sink inside it, sensing the heat of the body. This self-adhesion ends after some time allowing the foam to return to its original shape, but the manner in which this foam conforms to the contours of the person sleeping over it has made it very popular among not only the manufacturers of mattresses but also common people sleeping over these mattresses.

Latex vs Memory Foam

• Latex foam is made from the sap of rubber trees though it is also available in synthetic variety.

• Memory foam is created synthetically with a visco elastic material.

• Memory foam reacts to the body temperature of the user and conforms to the contours of his body to allow him to sink inside.

• Latex foam is more elastic than memory foam.

• Many doctors recommend memory foam because of orthopedic reasons.

• Latex foam is cheaper than memory foam.

• Memory foam is an invention of NASA.

• Latex foam is more durable than Memory foam.