Difference Between Like and Subscribe

Like vs Subscribe

In many social media and related websites, we can often see the buttons “Like” and “Subscribe.” Though they sometimes may appear to be the same thing, they are different and perform two different tasks.


Like is used as a reference to the popularity of the content of the page or item. For example, the social media site allows the user to click a button annexed to the specific content and express his response. The number of the likes is accumulative and can be used as a reference of the content’s popularity among users.


On the other hand, subscribe performs a completely different task. Subscribe is used to enter your email address (or mail address in some cases) to a distribution list. This distribution list is often used to send newsletters, updates, and notification from the website. After clicking on it, perhaps your email address is requested. If you are willing, you can provide it. (This happens if you have not provided your email to login to the website earlier or not logged in).

What is the difference between Like and subscribe?

• Like is a feature used in websites, to let users give feedback on the content of the website or the item. Often this feature carries a counter, to show the number of people who likes the web page.

• Subscribe is used for entering the name and email address to a distribution list for newsletter, newspaper, updates, or notifications from a website.

• In many websites, you are required to use a login for giving any feedback; therefore, for both subscribing and liking you have to use login details.

• Like does not record the email address or the mailing address, but subscribe does.