Difference Between Loop and Mesh

Loop vs Mesh

Loops and mesh are two terms used in the circuit analysis and refers to the topology of the circuits. A loop is any closed path in a circuit, in which no node is encountered more than once. A mesh is a loop that has no other loops inside of it.

A loop can be found by starting from a point and travelling through a path, to finish at the same point such that the same node is not traversed twice (except the starting point).

Meshes are used to analyse planar circuits. (Planar circuits are circuits that can be drawn without the wires crossing on). Loops are used in a more general way for circuit analysis and known as the loop analysis. 


In the above diagram, the path (A>B>F>G>C>D>A) is a loop, and there are other closed paths inside. For example, (B>F>G>C>B) is another loop. Path (A>B>C>E>A) is a closed path where there are no smaller closed paths inside. Therefore, it is a mesh.

What is the difference between Mesh and Loop?

• A loop is a closed path in a circuit where two nodes are not traversed twice except the initial point, which is also the final one. But in a loop other paths can be included inside.

• A mesh is a closed path in a circuit with no other paths inside it. In other words, a loop with no other loops inside it.