Difference Between Loving Someone and Being in Love

Loving Someone vs Being in Love

Is it possible for you to love and adore someone yet not being in love with him? This is indeed a confusing question for most of us, as we have been taught that practically, loving someone is same as being in love with him. However, there is a basic difference between loving and being in love as will be clear after reading this article.

Loving Someone

This is a very common feeling as we love so many people and things, even pets in our lives. We love our parents, our kids, our homes, event our pets, job, computers and other gadgets. Here, love is equated with being happy in the company of, to respect, to give and receive joy, to trust and wanting to know better. If you love your dog, can you say you are in love with it? I do not think you can.

Being in Love

To be in love is a feeling that is beyond description as one feels smitten, infatuated, besotted, enamored and ready to fall head over heels for someone. This is not the same as loving someone or something.

Many times we hear spouses saying they still love each other, but they are no longer in love with each other. It is clear that being in love is a kind of spark included in the feeling of love. It is when this spark gets lost that people say that they are no longer in love with their spouse or girlfriend.

You do not keep thinking about your pet when you are in college or with friends. But you cannot help but think about a girl all the time when you are in love with her. When you are in love, you cannot help but express your feelings in front of that person somehow or the other. On the other hand, this is not the feeling with simple love. When you feel that you cannot live without a person, and you want to make a family with that person is when you are in love with him.


What is the difference between Loving Someone and Being in Love?

• Being in love is a special feeling while loving is an act.

• Being in love has a special spark added to love and when this spark is lost, you are no longer in love with a person though you still love and adore him.

• Being in love means you cannot live without the person or so you feel.

• You love someone but when he goes away for a short period, you do not cry.

• Being in love is a kind of madness, a feeling hard to describe in words.


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