Difference Between Magners and Bulmers

Magners vs Bulmers

If you love to drink cider beer, you must have tried Magners and Bulmers, two of the best known cider beer brands in the world. The two beers seem identical in looks and even their tastes. If you look at the bottles and their packaging, you would feel as if the two brands are coming out of the same company as even the font and the design on the labels are the same. This is very confusing for the cider beer lovers as they cannot differentiate between the two. This article attempts to find out the differences between these two cider beer brands.


Bulmers is the name of the Irish cider brand that is owned by a company owned by H P Bulmer in Britain. Bulmers is just one of the many brands manufactured and sold by the company. The company was founded in 1887 and named after the son of the rector who started the company. Inside UK, Bulmers is sold as Bulmers Original and Bulmers Pear. Across Europe, the brand sold by the company is Strongbow. Bulmers is the leading cider maker and seller in the world. It is today owned by Carlsberg and Heineken.


Irish cider Bulmers is sold as Magners around the world. It was in 1935 that a local man by the name of William Magner thought of cider production in Ireland. He purchased orchards and started a factory in 1937. After two years, half the shares of this company were purchased by H P Bulmers of Britain. The expertise and experience of Bulmers came handy, and the company quickly raised production to new levels. In 1946, Bulmers became the sole owners of this company but changed the name to Bulmers Ltd Clonmel. The company is today owned by C&C Group. The brand Bulmers is still being produced by the company, but it is sold only in Ireland as the rights to sell this brand name across the world are retained by Bulmers of Britain only. Much of the cider produced by this company is sold under the brand name Magners all over the world, and it is the main competitor of Bulmers brand.

What is the difference between Magners and Bulmers?

• Both Bulmers and Magners are internationally known brands of cider beer.

• Bulmers is a British company that also owned the company that produces Magners at one point of time.

• Irish cider maker C&C produces Magners though it still continues to make and sell Bulmers brand in Ireland.

• In the rest of the world, Bulmers brand is owned by H P Bulmer though the company has been overtaken by Carlsberg and Heineken now.

• The Irish subsidiary of British firm Bulmers sells Bulmers in Ireland, but it has to use the brand name Magners to sell its cider internationally.

• Bulmers is the top cider beer brand of the world while Magners is its competitor.