Difference Between New and Brand New

New vs Brand New

Most of us like to possess or own new things and gadgets in life. Buying a new mobile is as much a result of our necessity or requirement as it is to impress our friends with our tool. It is this desire to have new things in life that gives birth to second hand markets that make available products that have been discarded by their owners as they got bored with them or they wanted better or newer products. There is another word or phrase brand new that is used for products that are new. This confuses many as they cannot understand the difference between new and brand new. Let us take a closer look at the two concepts.

The concept of brand new for new things has emerged to inform the potential buyers about the condition of the product. The phrase brand new lets a buyer know that the product is unused and in factory condition to separate it from new and used products. You go to a car showroom and see many cars before buying the model of your choice. You are delivered the car in a brand new condition though it does not remain brand new for long. After a few weeks of use, you can still tell others that you have a new car but it is no longer considered brand new. This means that the product is brand new until it has not been sold and handed over to a customer. Your brand new mobile is just a new mobile after you have used it for a few days.

New vs Brand New

• If there can be anything newer than new, it is brand new.

• If you buy a brand new TV, it remains so as it is delivered to you in packed condition, but once you have opened and installed in your home or office, it is just a new TV and not a brand new one.

• An unsold car in a showroom is brand new, but it becomes just new once you have bought and used it for a few days.

• The phrase brand new is also used to let customers know about its condition that is different from refurbished and old products.

• Brand new indicates a product that is in original packing and unused condition.