Difference Between Optical Mouse and Laser Mouse

Optical Mouse vs Laser Mouse

People using desktop PC’s know the importance of mouse. Mouse is a hardware device which is used to input data in the computer. Firstly people used ball mouse for there PC’s but after the invention of Optical and Laser mouse, the use of ball mouse has minimized. Ball mouse was heavy from these mice and it could not function faster than these mice. The Optical mouse and the Laser mouse are now mostly used everywhere in the world.

Optical Mouse

Optical mouse is a technology which replaced the old technology of ball mouse. The technology of Optical mouse is that it has light-emitting diode and photodiodes to detect the movement of under surface of it. An optical mouse was first invented in 1980 by two people and in two different varieties. A modern optical mouse has a technology of optoelectronic sensor, which is used to make successive images on the surface it operates. As the technology is cheaper now, the optical mouse has now the special purpose image processing chip which is used to catch the image. Microsoft IntelliMouse developed in 2001 was the first optical mouse used commercially. The ability of modern optical mouse is that it can capture one thousand images or more per second. The processing of these images is done by mathematic cross correlation.

Laser Mouse

A laser mouse has a better tracking ability than ball mouse that’s why they are being preferred these days. It uses a laser beam to track the movement of user’s hand. For the feasibility of many people there are wireless laser mice are also available. The laser of this mouse has the ability to track good images 20 times more than any other mice. Laser mouse is much better than the traditional ball mouse and optical mouse. There are various types of laser mice depending upon the laser technology used in them. The laser beneath the mouse makes various types of laser mice according to the power of that laser to process input.

Difference between Optical and Laser Mouse

The reason why these mice are given a separate name is that optical mouse uses light emitting diode whereas, laser mouse uses infrared laser diode instead of LED.

The laser of laser mouse enables 20 times more tracking power than that of a typical optical mouse.

The laser mouse is a hardware device with latest technology whereas optical mouse is a relatively old technology.

In terms of normal people, both the mice have light underneath them but one has LED and other has infrared laser distinguishing it from each other.


The technology of optical and laser mice have now replaced the traditional technology of ball mouse. It can be said that may be optical and laser mice will be replaced in coming future by another extra ordinary invention of human. May be the new technology of mouse can be that only you have to give instructions to it and it will perform according to your instructions. Any thing can happen because here are people with creative minds.