Difference Between Room and Board

Room vs Board

Room and Board is a very common phrase used in our daily life and is especially meaningful for students looking for a place for their accommodation when they take admission in a college. During college years, the most important things on the minds of students and their parents are the expenses incurred under the heads of tuition, rent, and food. While tuition is beyond the scope of this article, the focus is on differences between room and board. Despite being talked in the same breath, there are differences between a room and a board that will be highlighted in this article.

When the phrase “Room and Board” is used, it is meant to indicate both lodging and food. Let us separate room and board to look at them closely.


As a student, it is natural for you to look for accommodation where you can sleep and take a rest after receiving tuitions at college. Room essentially refers to a place to live. It could be a single room or a suite depending upon your requirements and budget. Students often choose to live in dorms on campus. However, living off the campus is preferred for many reasons by students as they share the facility as well as the rent to save on their limited amount of money received from parents.


Board refers to additional amenities and facilities besides the place to live. It includes meals and some other facilities but the food is the focus of board. Allowing students to make their meals is an option often provided in Room and Board but most students prefer to get readymade meals in the form of board as they want to have more of spare time to devote to studies and other activities.

What is the difference between Room and Board?

• “Room and Board” is a phrase that does not differentiate between its components, which are room and board, and students are told the amount they are required to pay for Room and Board

• However, Room refers to a place to live and sleep while Board refers to food or meals made available to the student

• A set price is quoted by the landlord for Room and Board, and it is up to the student to clarify on the amenities and facilities that he is going to get in the shape of Room and Board