Difference Between Sauce and Gravy

Sauce vs Gravy

Is sauce, gravy, or is gravy, a kind of sauce? This is a question that many have tried to answer before, but have not been able to arrive at a conclusion. Often gravy is referred to as a sauce that runs out of meats and vegetables naturally during the process of cooking. In some cultures, gravy is the liquid that accompanies the vegetable and is there to enhance the taste and flavor of the vegetable or meat. Gravy is also used or rather allows a person to eat the recipe with rice or bread easily. When we think of a sauce, it comes across as a semi solid food like meat sausages. Sauce is, in some cultures, a condiment or appetizer that is full of flavors. Some sauces are more liquid than others, and they fall like a true liquid while some are almost solid. Looks like the difference between a sauce and gravy has become more blurred. Or has it?

We have tomato sauce, also tomato gravy. If you have had the privilege to taste both, you probably know the difference. Let us talk about sauce or gravy involved in making meats. When the meat is cooked plain or floured, we call the pan juices that are left sauce. On the other hand, if flour is added to thicken these juices after meat has been cooked, it is called gravy.

What is the difference between Sauce and Gravy?

Trying to differentiate between sauce and gravy is a useless exercise, it seems, as both are equally delicious and there are cases when a sauce in a country is referred to as gravy in another country. However, there are some theories to help in this regard.

· If it contains meat pieces, it is referred to as gravy while it is a sauce, if it doesn’t have meat.

· The use of the words is regional as in some regions you talk about gravies while in others, they are simply sauces.

· When meat is cooked plain or floured, the juices left over in the pan are called sauce.

· When flour is added to thicken the juices after meat has been cooked, we get gravy.

· Meat juices that remain in the pan naturally after it has been cooked are referred to as gravy, while sauce is something that is added to enhance the taste and flavor of meat, also to allow a person to eat meat with bread or rice.