Difference Between Shocks and Struts

Shocks vs Struts

Shocks and struts are important parts of a motorcycle, car or any other large automobile. Their primary purpose is to decrease suspension travel. These two special components try to accomplish this by converting spring movement into heat energy. This heat energy is later dissipated by hydraulic fluid. You cannot run your car without shocks and struts as you would feel you are riding on a very rough road and the ride would not be comfortable at all. Though shocks and struts serve the same basic purpose of providing a smoother ride, they are different in features. This article will highlight these differences to enable you to know the relative importance of shocks and struts.

Most of the people are aware of shocks and refer to them as shockers. They are normally at the back of any vehicle and people know that they help reduce shocks from bumps on roads. These shocks keep the ride smooth by dampening vibrations. Struts on the other hand are normally at the front of any vehicle and prevent shocks to arms that hold the steering wheel. If one were to compare the relative importance of struts and shocks for a vehicle, it is struts that have greater importance and it is impossible to drive a car without struts whereas one can somehow manage to drive without shocks.

There is difference in the designing of struts and shocks also. Shocks are basically a cylinder placed in open on a vehicle. On the other hand, struts are more complex in design and are made up of many pieces whereas shocks are single piece in design. Shocks mainly dampen leaf springs whereas struts work on coil springs. When vehicle hits a bump, it is these struts that bring back the vehicle into original position through recoiling of springs.

Because of their complex designing, struts are more expensive than shocks and you also need to pay more for their installation in comparison to shocks.

Shocks vs Struts

• Both shocks and struts are vital for any vehicle.

• Struts are essential for suspension while shocks work to absorb vibrations caused by bumps on roads

• Shocks are single piece in design while struts are more complex

• Struts are more expensive and also cost more in installation

• Shocks are employed at the back of an automobile while struts are used in the front.