Difference Between Smart and Intelligent

Smart vs Intelligent

As we often see smart and intelligent used as synonyms, it is time to see if there is a difference between smart and intelligent. Intelligence has derived from Latin intelligentia which means “understanding, power of discerning” whereas smart is from Old English smeortan that is similar to “”quick, active, clever.” Accordingly, even though it is apparent that both have references to cognitive capabilities, smart specifically is about application of ideas, thinking in a practical way to solve problems in day to day life. Hence, it is clear intelligent may refer to the capacity of understanding while smart is about the skill of applying intelligence practically.

What does Intelligent mean?

A person’s level of intelligence is measured by his/her IQ, intelligent quotient. IQ is normally measured by evaluating a person’s ability for reasoning. Thus, it is clear intelligence has a direct link with a person’s ability to understand concepts and respond rationally accordingly. For instance, the renowned scientist Albert Einstein is considered one of the most intelligent and it is evident with his remarkable ability to introduce intellectual theories to the world. Therefore, the sound level of psychological functioning can be understood as intelligence. One’s intelligence is usually inherited at his/her birth and it is considered an innate ability. It is noteworthy that this is different from knowledge that is acquired through learning over a period. However, a person who is intelligent can learn new concepts effectively and fast since he/she is good at understanding things. There are different types of intelligences like emotional intelligence, mathematical intelligence, musical intelligence and spatial intelligence, etc.

What does Smart mean?

Someone who is smart can be introduced as a person who uses his intelligence effectively and practically in the day to day context. A smart person is aware of his environment and is skillful at being practical in problem solving. Smartness often involves quick thinking and the ability to come up with the best solution for a situation that anyone else has not thought of. Hence, it is seen that intelligence is quite an independent concept when compared with smartness that is relative . Smartness in many contexts is considered as a skill since someone can be smarter at doing certain things with the time. There are times where the term smart is used to describe attire. In this context, someone who is smartly dressed may refer to a person who is fashionably dressed.

Difference between Smart and Intelligent

What is the difference between Smart and Intelligent?

When we have a closer look at the two terms, smart and intelligent, again, it is noticeable that,

• Intelligence is about understanding and is related to the ability one has for reasoning.

• Smartness, on the other hand , is being able to act practically, effectively in social contexts.

• Alternatively, it could also be pointed out as practical application of intelligence.

• Intelligence is something inherited at birth, and it is innate whereas smartness is rather a skill.

• Smart can also be used to admire attires.

Even though, intelligent and smart are closely related it is obvious that they stand for different meanings in day to day applications.