Difference Between So and Such

So vs Such

So and Such are two words in English language that are used very commonly but create confusion in the minds of the learners of the language. This is because of similarities in their meanings, but students have to remember the differences between their structures. This article attempts to highlight their differences along with their usage to make it clear which of the two words to be used in a particular context.

When so is used in a sentence, it is followed by an adjective, but when we use such, it is followed by an article such as a or an, and then followed by an adjective. This is not all; there is also a noun at the end in case of such. However, you have to drop the article a or an if the noun is not countable. There are many circumstances where so or such can be used. They can be used to show a fact or extreme feelings or opinion. Take a look at the following examples.

• Helen’s feet are so large that she finds it difficult to get shoes to fit her feet.

• The teacher spoke so loudly that even students sitting in the last row could hear him easily.

• The principal gave such a boring speech that all students became sleepy.

What is the difference Between So and Such?

• Use an adjective and ‘that’ after so. Thus, so is always followed by an adjective.

• However, ‘that’ is optional and can easily be removed from the sentence.

• When using the word such, after such, use an article and then an adjective followed by a noun.

• Thus, it is she is so beautiful, and she is such a beautiful lady.


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