Difference Between Tango and Skype

Tango vs Skype


Tango is a voice over IP (Multimedia) application that allows you to make free calls to users who have Tango installed on their phones. At the moment couple of listed phone (Apple and Android) users can download Tango from app store and install on their phones. One good thing in this application is, instead of going through long registration, it uses your mobile number as username and registers automatically. (Estimated min time as per official website is 5 S)

This application uses the same address book in your phone or device and show a tag against contacts if they are registered Tango. Then you can call them for free but it will use your data plan. Tango users could be anywhere in the world, only they have to be connected to internet via 3G or Wi-Fi.

Considerable advantage on Tango is, it’s synchronized with phone book contacts and uses your mobile number as username. On the other hand it has disadvantages too in the context of privacy. And Video call cameras could be swapped while talking.


Skype is an application software which works as VoIP (Voice over IP Protocol) client to originate or receive voice and video calls. Skype offers free voice and video calls between Skype users, call any phone numbers in the world by charging on per minute rate and connection fees (Skype Out), sending SMS, Chat, file sharing, call conferencing, call forwarding, providing local phone numbers worldwide (at the moment 24 countries only) to receive calls to Skype software (Skype In) and Skype to Go Number to access Skype Out services where ever you go.

Difference Between Tango and Skype

(1) Skype and Tango supports video calling and Tango supports switching cameras and swap screens to show what is around you.

(2) Skype Client Software could be installed on any compatible device and same username password pair can be used to login and make calls. Whereas in Tango, it currently supports only Apple and Android OS. (Supported models are per official website of Tango as at today is phone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, Galaxy S and EVO 4G)

(3) Address book synchronization is possible in Tango but not in Skype.

(4) Skype is using their propriety CODEC.

(5) IM, SMS, Skype Out, Skype In is possible with Skype but at the moment it’s not possible with Tango. There are high possibilities they will also come up with it soon.

(6) Both uses your monthly data plan or it could be used in Wi-Fi.

(7) Both give good quality voice.

(8) In Tango, you can invite friends to join which is not possible in Skype, but on the other hand Skype is in the market for long time and many people uses Skype.

(9) The risk or suspense on Tango is, still they have not defined the revenue model, in the sense the question arises is, are these calls will be free forever?

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