Difference Between Ton and Tonne

Ton vs Tonne

If you ask someone the difference between a ton and a tonne, it is likely that you may draw a blank as most people think that they are one and the same. It is true that both ton and tonne are units of measurement of weights and commonly used all over the world, but tonne is also used in conjunction with the metric system where a tonne is used to denote 1000 kg. Let us find out the differences in the two ton’s.

As described above, 1 Tonne contains 1000kg, whereas 1 Ton contains two thousand pounds. As such, since 1 kg is equal to 2.204 pounds, a ton falls short of 1 Tonne by a few kilograms.

1 Ton= 1000 X2.204= 2204 pounds

Ton is mostly used in the US where it contains 2000 pounds. If one tries to calculate its value in kilograms, it comes to around 910 kg.

In the old British system of weights, 14 pounds make up one stone, 8 stones make up 1 hundredweight, and twenty hundredweight make up one ton. Let us try to simplify.

1 ton= 20 hundredweight= 20 X8 stone = 20 X 8 X14 pounds= 2240 pounds

Thus a ton contains 2240pounds, which converted into kilograms, approximates 910 kilograms. So, 1 Ton is less than 1 Tonne by almost 90 kilograms.

In brief:

Ton vs Tonne

• Ton and Tonne are units of measurements and people take them to be same but in reality they are different in value

• Ton is used in imperial system of measurements and one Ton contains 2240 pounds, which when converted into kilograms means 910 kilograms.

• On the other hand, Tonne is what is used in metric measurements and is equal to 1000 kilograms.

  • Jaime Munoz

    US units: 1 ton = 2000 pound = 907.18 kg (this is known as a
    short ton)

    British units: 1 ton = 2240 pound = 1016.047 kg (this is
    known as a long ton)

    SI units: 1 tonne = 2204.623 pound = 1000 kg

    All references to pound here are avoirdupois pounds, not try