Difference Between Viber and Skype

Viber vs Skype


Viber and skype are VoIP applications used in mobile Internet calling.Viber and Skype are free between users where viber can only be installed in mobiles but skype can be installed in PCs, Laptops, Notebooks, Smartphones, Skype Phones, Mobile handsets and in mostly other desktop devices.

Viber is an iPhone application that allows you to make free calls to users who have viber installed on their iphones. At the moment iPhone users can download viber from apple store and install on their iphones. One good thing on this application is, instead of going through registration, it uses your mobile number as username and registers automatically and will drop a verification code to confirm your number.

This application uses the same address book in your iphone and show a tag against contacts if they are registered viber users. Then you can call them for free but it will use your data plan.Viber users could be anywhere in the world if they are connected to internet.

Only considerable advantage on Viber is, it’s synchronized with iphone’s phone book contacts and uses your mobile number as username. On the other hand it has disadvantages too.

Updated:(5th May 2011)

Viber for Android is released in early May as Beta Version. Android Viber will also have the same features as described.


Skype is an application software which works as VoIP (Voice over IP Protocol) client to originate or receive voice and video calls. Skype offers free voice and video calls between Skype users, call any phone numbers in the world by charging on per minute rate and connection fees (Skype Out), sending SMS, Chat, file sharing, call conferencing, call forwarding, providing local phone numbers worldwide (at the moment 24 countries only) to receive calls to Skype software (Skype In) and Skype to Go Number to access Skype Out services where ever you go.

Difference Between Viber and Skype

(1) Skype has video calling where as Viber at the moment doesn’t have video calling.

(2) Skype Client Software could be installed on any compatible device and same username password pair can be used to login and make calls. Where as in Viber, it currently supports for iPhone only and promising to release Android and Blackberry versions soon.

(3) The main difference in Viber is , you don’t need to run the viber application to receive calls whereas when you receive a call it launches the application and rings. It’s kind of, viber server sends push alert to viber application when a call is received. In VoIP context, before viber server sends the signalling (Probably SIP) it sends a push alert to launch the application and sends SIP invite to initiate a call.

(4) Address book synchronization is possible in Viber but not in Skype.

(5) Skype is using their propriety CODEC , which could use minimum data possible with high quality.

(6) IM, SMS, Skype Out, Skype In is possible with Skype but at the moment it’s not possible with Viber but Viber promissed to introduce Free SMS and probably will introduce Viber Out (A-Z Termination) in future.

(7) Viber and Skype uses your monthly mobile data plan or could be used in WiFi.

(8)Viber and Skype give good quality carrier grade voice

(9)Viber announced to release Free SMS among users whereas Skype doesn’t have this feature but Skype has regular SMS and IM for realtime chatting.

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  • Megabordel

    The main advantage of Vibe is, that you don’t need to run it before you may receive the call – it runs somehow in the background (even on 3G). That was the main reason I switched to Vibe.

    • Whyroshan

      It may run in background as well, but no need of running the application even in background. It automatically launches the viber application when you get a call.

  • Niko360

    I would say viber I don’t keep apps open and would never and the sound quality of viber is much better then Skype

  • Zenobiten

    Advangage Viber:
    its totally free to call other viberusers via wifi… you dont need to log in with username and password. The program opens automatically when there is an incomming call.
    All your contacts will be available as soon as you,ve installed the application.
    waiting in anticipation on release for android and blueberry. At the moment i only have about a few of my friends hooked up to viber.

  • Paul

    Skype does not support any blue-tooth hands free but with Viber all my blue-tooth works just fine.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MZAIA53ZLFVTLJZ54WLPVGE5MY Kumar

    I am still not clear what does viber gives me that I can’t get from Skype.
    I don’t see a use of Viber?