Difference Between Samsung Gear 2 and Apple Watch

Difference between Samsung Gear 2 and Apple watch

Key difference – Samsung Gear 2 vs Apple Watch   The key difference between the Samsung Gear S2 and the Apple watch exists in the design of both smart watches; the Samsung Gear S2 is expected to come in a round shape whereas the Apple watch is rectangular in shape. There are many other features […]

Difference Between Bronchitis and Whooping Cough      

Bronchitis vs whooping cough

Key Difference – Bronchitis vs Whooping Cough   The key difference between Bronchitis and Whooping Cough is that Bronchitis is the inflammation of the large and medium-sized airways (bronchi) of the lungs, usually caused by respiratory viruses and rarely by bacteria where as whooping Cough (pertussis) is a respiratory disease caused by the bacteria Bordetella […]

Difference Between Chemical and Physical Reaction

difference between chemical and physical reaction

Key Difference – Chemical vs Physical Reaction   Chemical and physical reaction are two types of changes in matter and the key difference between chemical reaction and physical reaction is that when a substance undergoes a chemical reaction it is no longer the original compound that was there before the reaction whereas, a substance that undergoes a physical […]

Difference Between Facebook and WhatsApp

Difference between Facebook and WhatsApp

Key Difference – Facebook vs WhatsApp   Facebook and WhatsApp are the leaders in communication in the contemporary society, though there lies a distinct difference between them based on their purpose and functions. Facebook is very broad compared to WhatsApp. The key difference between them is that Facebook is dedicated to social networking and sharing all […]

Difference Between Photoshop and Lightroom

Difference between photoshop and Lightroom

Key Difference – Photoshop vs Lightroom   Adobe Photoshop and Abode Lightroom are two great software specially designed for photo editing, though there exists a difference between them. Photoshop has become a household name as it is currently the best photo editing software around. It is obviously the first choice of a photographer who wants […]

Difference Between Primary and Secondary Cell Culture

difference between primary and secondary cell culture

Key Difference – Primary vs Secondary Cell Culture   Before discussing the difference between Primary and Secondary Cell Culture, let us first briefly define what cell culture is. Cell culture is the process of removing cells from an animal or plant and subsequent growth in an artificially controlled environment. The cells could be directly removed […]

Difference Between Modernization Theory and Dependency Theory

Difference Between Dependency Theory and Modernization theory

Key Difference – Modernization Theory vs Dependency Theory   Modernization theory and dependency theory are two development theories between which some difference can be identified. First, let us comprehend the gist of each theory. Dependency theory highlights that due to colonial and post-colonial endeavors the countries at the periphery are constantly exploited by those at the core. On […]

Difference Between Irony and Hypocrisy

Difference Between Irony and Hypocrisy

Key Difference –  Irony and Hypocrisy   Irony and Hypocrisy are two words between which some difference can be identified although some confuse the difference that exists between the two words. In day to day life, we encounter situations and instances where irony and hypocrisy emerge. Before understanding the difference, let us first define the two […]

Difference Between Fashion and Fad

Difference Between Fashion and Fad

Key Difference – Fashion vs Fad   The words fashion and fad are very much related to one another although one can discern a difference between the two words fashion and fad. Fashion can simply be defined as new styles of clothing and accessories that come about. These exist for a longer period of time and are […]

Difference Between Green Revolution and White Revolution

Difference Between Green Revolution and White Revolution

Key Difference – Green Revolution vs White Revolution   Green revolution and the white revolution are two of the revolutions that came about in the human history and there exists some difference between the two revolutions. As we look back at the world history, there has been a series of changes that came about. First, let us define […]