Difference Between Maharatna and Navratna Status for PSE

Maharatna vs Navratna Status for PSE The title of Navratna was initiated by the government of India in 1997 to recognize and appreciate the efforts of public sector companies that were doing exceedingly well. The concept of Navratna came from 9 gems in the courts of maharaja Vkramaditya and later Emperor Ashoka, who were scholars […]

Difference Between RTGS and NEFT

RTGS vs NEFT If you are an Indian, you know how troublesome it was to send money to another account in India earlier. But today, with technologies such as RTGS and NEFT being in place, it is fast, easy and simple to transfer funds electronically. Though, both are electronic fund transfers, there are some differences […]

Difference Between RTGS and SWIFT

RTGS vs SWIFT Those who are close to banking industry know about the acronyms SWIFT and RTGS very well. In fact, in modern times when transfer of funds from one bank to another, not just nationally but internationally has become commonplace, people are talking and using these technologies on a much regular basis. While RTGS […]

Difference Between RBI and SEBI

RBI vs SEBI RBI is the central bank of India whereas SEBI is the Securities and Exchange Board of India. Both of them play vital role in Indian economy. RBI is the body responsible for maintaining bank notes in the country, to keep currency reserves to maintain monetary stability and to keep the credit and […]

Difference Between RBI and SBI

RBI vs SBI Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the country‚Äôs national bank. It was established in 1935 under the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance. RBI took over control of currency and credit from the government and with the introduction of the RBI Act 1934, the bank became the banker […]

Difference Between SBI and ICICI

SBI vs ICICI At first glance trying to compare SBI with ICICI would look like comparing a grand old man with a toddler. But the rapid progress made by ICICI, a private bank opened barely 25 years ago, makes it possible to be compared with the oldest bank in India. SBI (or State Bank of […]

Difference Between NBFC and MFI

NBFC vs MFI India is a huge country with a large population. Banks, despite having increased their presence have certain limitations as they cannot open branches in remote and inaccessible places. This is why to meet banking requirements of the people, there are many NBFC and MFI operating mainly in rural parts of the country. […]

Difference Between Public Sector Bank in India and Private Sector Bank in India

Public Sector Bank in India vs Private Sector Bank in India It is a surprise that we are today talking about differences between public sector banks and private sector banks in India. Banks in India remained private till 1969 when the then Prime Minister of India, nationalized all of them through an act of the […]