Difference Between South Indian Temples and North Indian Temples

South Indian Temples vs North Indian Temples South Indian temples and North Indian temples differ between them in terms of their construction, practice and the like. Rituals The rituals performed in the North Indian temples are very simple when compared to the rituals performed in the South Indian temples. The South Indian temples are used […]

Difference Between Ooty and Kodaikanal and Munnar

Ooty vs Kodaikanal vs Munnar Ooty and Kodaikanal and Munnar are all the names of very popular hill resorts in South India. They show some differences between them in terms of accommodation, places to see and climate. Ooty is the short name for Ootacamund and is situated in the Nilgiris district of the Indian state […]

Difference Between Shimla and Kulu Manali in North India

Shimla vs Kulu Manali in India Shimla and Kulu Manali are beautiful hill stations in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh of India and extremely popular vacation spots for the tourists, both domestic as well as international. Families, nature lovers, adventure sport lovers and honeymooners find these places to be picture perfect for unforgettable holidays. […]

Difference Between Kerala and Tamilnadu

Kerala vs Tamilnadu Although both are states in the southern part of India, there are differences between the two states in terms of their people, culture, history, places of interest, tradition, advancements in the fields of science and technology and the like. Kerala is located in the South-western region of India, whereas Tamilnadu is situated […]

Difference Between Delhi and Mumbai

Delhi vs Mumbai Delhi is the capital of India and it is the largest metropolis in the country. It is the second largest city in India in terms of population. Mumbai on the other hand is the largest Indian city in terms of population. Delhi occupies a total area of 573 square miles, whereas Mumbai […]

Difference Between Chennai and Bangalore

Chennai vs Bangalore Chennai is the capital city of the state of Tamilnadu. Chennai witnesses its economic growth by the industries comprising car, technology, hardware manufacturing and healthcare. Chennai is also ranked among the Global Cities and is considered Gamma+ World City. It is no hyperbole to say that Chennai is the second largest exporter […]

Difference Between Bangalore and Hyderabad

Bangalore vs Hyderabad Bangalore is the capital city of the state of Karnataka in India. It is nick-named as the Garden City. More importantly Bangalore is considered one of the Global Cities and it is ranked as Beta World City. It is interesting to note that Bangalore is rated alongside Geneva, Cairo, Boston, Berlin and […]