Difference Between Inner and outer London

Inner vs outer London Inner and outer London counties are what constitute the Greater London. London is comprised of various counties, boroughs and their sub districts. And, the placement of these counties has lent them the value as inner London counties and outer London counties. Inner counties are those which somehow form the inner portion […]

Difference Between Stratford Before Olympics and After Olympics 2012

Difference Between Stratford Before Olympics and After Olympics 2012

Stratford Before Olympics vs After Olympics 2012   Stratford before olympics and after Olympics 2012 is very much different with all the changes that were made for Olympics. Stratford is a district situated in north eastern parts of London, England and is a part of the London Borough of Newham. Stratford is about 10km from […]

Difference Between London and New York


London vs New York   Difference between London and New York is something worthwhile to know as New York and London are two places which happen to be the largest financial centers in the world. When we use the word New York, it can either refer to the state of New York or the city […]

Difference Between Manchester and Liverpool

Difference Between Manchester and Liverpool

Manchester vs Liverpool   Difference between Manchester and Liverpool can be considered based on the living experience in these two cities. To begin with, Liverpool and Manchester are two cities in England. Both the cities are famous for their food-related life and are considered to be one of the best places to be living in […]

Difference Between Scotland and Ireland

Scotland vs Ireland Scotland and Ireland, Northern Ireland to be exact, are two of the four countries that are part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The Republic of Ireland is a separate nation and it shares the island of Ireland with Northern Ireland. Ireland The island of Ireland lies west of Great Britain […]

Difference Between Scotland and England

Scotland vs England Scotland and England are part of United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is rich with history and has the perfect balance of lush, green countryside and modern metropolitan, trendsetting cities. Scotland and England are two beautiful regions in UK that would be perfect for a travel destination. Scotland is located in the north […]