Difference Between Professor and Associate Professor

Difference Between Professor and Associate Professor

Professor vs Associate Professor   Since both professor and associate professor are high ranks when the academic staff of a higher education institution concerned, one should know the difference between professor and associate professor. Associate professor is the position one rank below professorship. However , in different countries the associate professorship is given different places […]

Difference Between Deemed University and University

Deemed University vs University   Deemed universities are found only in India, and are institutions of higher studies other than universities that have been set up following due formalities. Many students do not know the difference between a University and a deemed University and remain confused whether they should take up admission in a deemed […]

Difference Between Chancellor and Vice Chancellor

Chancellor vs Vice Chancellor The words chancellor and vice chancellor are commonly heard words. Most people know about them though not many are aware of the differences between the two as well as their roles and responsibilities. This is perhaps because these are posts in higher education that do not require people holding these posts […]

Difference Between Polytechnic and University

Polytechnic vs University We all know the significance and importance of universities in higher studies. There are universities in all major cities of different countries, but it is too much to expect universities to cater to every section of a population because of resources required. Though, every attempt is made by universities to provide education […]

Difference Between Liberal Arts College and University

Liberal Arts College vs University

Liberal Arts College vs University   Liberal Arts College and University are two educational institutions that show some differences between them when it comes to the nature of study, courses offered, infrastructure, and the like. A liberal arts college is more like an undergraduate college where you cannot expect professional schools in the campus. On […]

Difference Between Faculty and Department

Faculty vs Department Faculty and department are two different terms that are often used with no distinction from each other, especially in universities. These words are usually referred to a certain body in an educational institute that focuses on a particular subject matter. Faculty Faculty is the name given to a certain body in a […]

Difference Between TAFE and University

TAFE vs University TAFE and University are tertiary educational institutions. T.A.F.E is an acronym that stands for technical and further education and is very popular in Canada and Australia where such institutes are mushrooming in every city. We all know what a University stands for but propels, especially students and parents are confused as to […]

Difference Between Adjunct and Associate Professor

Adjunct vs Associate Professor Adjunct and Associate Professor are designations you may have heard in colleges. When we are in a college, we often come across designations of teachers that are very confusing. There are lecturers, assistant professors, associate professors, adjunct professors, and of course there are professors. Students rarely know the difference between these […]

Difference Between Harvard and Oxford

Harvard vs Oxford Harvard university and Oxford university are considered as the top 2 universities in the world. There are some differences between each other but these don’t help in classing one as ‘better’ than the other. Cost differences and campus differences are present but one thing good about both these institutes is that academics […]