Difference Between Cashmere and Pashmina

Difference Between Cashmere and Pashmina

Cashmere vs Pashmina   Identifying the difference between Casmere and pashmina is a bit difficult for the first time buyers/users as the wool of both has the same origin: the cashmere goat. Both, cashmere and pashmina, are luxurious material. While cashmere is the term that is mostly heard of, pashmina is a less popular term. […]

Difference Between Bra and Bikini

Bra vs Bikini   When it comes to fashion, the difference between certain items of clothing can be extremely uncanny. However, a bra and a bikini may not be too hard to differentiate since they are worn for different reasons and for different occasions as well. What is a Bra? Short for brassiere, a bra […]

Difference Between Tailored Fit and Slim Fit

Tailored Fit vs Slim Fit   Whether you are a man or a woman, the most important aspect of all your clothing items is undoubtedly their fit. People like to put their best foot forward as they want to look attractive. Good fitting clothes are a must to achieve this goal. There are many different […]

Difference Between Sewing and Embroidery

Sewing vs Embroidery   Sewing and embroidery are two arts that are known to mankind since ancient times. It is sewing that makes possible making of garments to be worn by men, women, and kids. Embroidery is a similar art that is primarily used to decorate fabrics and garments. There are similarities in the two […]

Difference Between Shawl and Scarf

Shawl vs Scarf   There are many garments worn by women to cover their upper body and sometimes even their heads. In different cultures, these garments are known by different names though they serve the same purposes. There are shawls, scarves, stoles, and wraps etc. that are used by ladies around the world. Despite ostensible […]

Difference Between Sport Coat and Suit

Sport Coat vs Suit   Sport coat, jackets, suits, blazers, coats etc. are different clothing items for men that have many similarities. People remain especially confused between sport coat and suit and cannot make up their mind as to whether they should buy one or the other. Despite similarities, there are differences between a sport […]

Difference Between Spun Yarn and Filament Yarn

Spun Yarn vs Filament Yarn   Yarn is the material that is used to manufacture fabrics. It is an assembly of fibers that may have been twisted to give strength to the yarn. Many people remain confused between fibers and yarn, but a yarn is an intermediate product that is made from fibers and is […]