Difference Between Charged and Convicted

Charged vs Convicted   Charging someone is accusing him of a crime while conviction is the formal announcement of the verdict against the individual. This difference is glaring and obvious to everyone. However, for those applying for a job, knowing this subtle difference between these two concepts can mean not being invited for an interview […]

Difference Between Rental and Lease

Rental vs Lease   Rental and lease are words that are associated with real estate and commonly used to refer to the conditions of use of a property in exchange for money. Whether you are the owner of a property or looking for an apartment on rent, it is very important to enter into a […]

Difference Between Federal and State Prison

Federal vs State Prison   In US, the system of prisons is comprised of both federal as well as state prisons. The Federal Bureau of Prison is referred to as BOP and is under the Department of Justice in the country. There are 11 federal prisons that are centrally administered. There are dozens of state […]

Difference Between Arrest and Detention

Arrest vs Detention   Arrest and detention are two related concepts in legal circles that are very confusing for common people especially after reading about house arrests, indefinite detentions, arbitrary arrests, and so on. These concepts are especially significant when a person finds himself under the scanner of a police force. There are basic rights […]

Difference Between Appeal and Review

Appeal vs Review   In a judicial system, there is always a provision to get redressal if a party to a case feels aggrieved by a decision of a law court. There is the system of appealing against the verdict of a lower court in a higher court, and there is also a procedure called […]