Difference Between Lawyer and Barrister

Lawyer vs Barrister   A doctor is called a doctor in all languages and places, and there is no confusion in the minds of the people regarding this profession. However, it is the legal profession that has many different nomenclatures for professionals practicing law such as lawyer, attorney, barrister, and so on. There is no […]

Difference Between Jury and Juror

Jury vs Juror   Trial by a jury is a phrase that is popular in not only legal circles but also appreciated by common people. It is a concept that has evolved with the realization that no innocent man should be punished, and there should be a fair trial of everyone. Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd […]

Difference Between Jury and Grand Jury

Jury vs Grand Jury   Jury is a very important concept in the American judicial system that is critical in performing the twin functions of giving a verdict and giving a sentence or punishment. We are used to hearing verdicts given out by juries as guilty and not guilty. Many people are confused when they […]

Difference Between Juveniles and Adults

Juveniles vs Adults   In every society, some difference is maintained by law and law enforcing authorities between adults and minors in terms of treatment meted out to offenders or criminals. Juveniles are treated differently than adults for the same offences, and there are differences in punishments meted out by courts of law to juveniles […]

Difference Between Suppressor and Silencer

Suppressor vs Silencer   A shot from any firearm is accompanied with a loud bang, sometime it is the signature of a gun. No matter how large or small the gun is, this noise is inevitable. The reason is behind the mechanism of how the guns are fired. All the guns, old (muskets, carbines etc.) […]

Difference Between Esq and JD

Esq vs JD   Studying law as a subject and choosing to make a career or profession in the field of law is challenging, rewarding, and very interesting. However, no other profession has so many designations for individuals than those acquiring expertise in law. One can be a L.L.B, Esq., J.D, attorney, lawyer, or a […]

Difference Between Executor and Trustee

Executor vs Trustee   Making a will before one passes away is a very wise decision as it ensures that one’s assets are managed and distributed according to the provisions of the will and there is no room for a dispute between heirs of the deceased person. Another important decision is picking up the right […]