Difference Between Charity and Social Justice

Difference Between Charity and Social Justice

Key Difference – Charity vs Social Justice   Charity and Social Justice can be considered as two approaches between which a key difference can be identified. Charity refers to helping people who need assistance. Social justice is the promotion of justice in the society. The key difference between the two is that while charity embraces […]

Difference Between Refugee and Asylum Seeker

Refugee vs Asylum Seeker The two words refugee and asylum seeker have become a bane of modern societies what with discrimination being rampant in all parts of the world and also because of raging civil wars in may countries of the world. When certain groups of people are targeted by those in power in their […]

Difference Between Charity and Social Enterprise

Charity vs Social Enterprise If only charities came in front of your eyes when you thought about organizations involved in doing work for the welfare of the poor and underprivileged, think again. Though nearly all organizations have a social face, that is they like to indulge in welfare programs to have a good brand image […]

Difference Between Charity and Non Profit

Charity vs Non Profit You must have come across organizations appealing you to donate for a noble cause such as relief operations in situations of natural or man made disasters or to fight against serious diseases and ailments such as cancer and AIDS. These are variously called as charity or non profit organizations. Though these […]

Difference Between Charity and Foundation

Difference Between a Charity and Foundation- Charity

Charity vs Foundation   Even though, the terms Charity and Foundation appear to be similar, there are certain differences between these two terms. In the world, we come across many organizations that are involved in social causes such as religious organizations and those that work to provide relief to people afflicted with deadly diseases. There […]

Difference Between ICRC and IFRC

Difference Between ICRC and IFRC

ICRC vs IFRC     ICRC AND IFRC are two different humanitarian organizations between which some differences can be identified. ICRC is International Committee of the Red Cross. IFRC is the International Federation of Red Cross. ICRC is an institution that protects victims of conflicts within a country as well as across boundaries. IFCR, on […]

Difference Between Refugee and Asylum

Difference Between a Refugee and Asylum

Refugee vs Asylum   Although the terms refugee and asylum are understood, in the same way, there is of course differences between the two. First let us define the two words. A refugee is a person who is outside the country of his origin or nationality. On the other hand, an asylum is a place […]