Difference Between Abstract and Introduction

Abstract vs Introduction

Abstract and Introduction are two terms used in research methodology and thesis writing. They are to be understood with difference. An abstract,  also referred as synopsis, is a short form of the final thesis. It contains the crux of the research findings.

An abstract also refers to the short version of the research paper to be submitted in a conference or a seminar. Any university or an education institution that conducts a seminar asks for the abstract of research papers to be read out by various scholars in various disciplines to be sent well in advance. This is to facilitate the publishing of the proceedings of the seminar well in advance.

The purpose of writing an abstract is to let the reader know the subject matter of the research paper in a nutshell. It contains a very brief explanation of what is found in the entire research paper.

An introduction on the other hand is the first chapter of a thesis or a dissertation or a book for that matter. The purpose of an introduction is to introduce the reader to the topic of the book or the thesis. By reading or going through the introduction of a book, a reader gets an idea about the contents of the book or the content of the other chapters of the thesis.

An introduction gives the significance and the scope of the subject of the thesis too. It throws light on various other aspects such as the need for research in the topic, the experts in the topic, the contribution of the predecessors on the topic and the like.

On the other hand an abstract just touches the subject matter of the research paper and presents it in a nutshell. This is the difference between abstract and introduction.