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Difference Between Article and Essay

Article vs Essay

Article and essay are two words that are often confused due to the similarity in their meanings. Strictly speaking, there are differences between the two words. An article is short and a descriptive account of something connected with a given niche. On the other hand, an essay is a long account of an event or a concept or a historical happening. This is the main difference between an article and an essay.

An article is written to throw light on a given aspect of a niche. On the other hand, an essay is written or prepared for examination point of view. Essays are asked to be written as part of school or college assignment. On the other hand, articles are asked to be written as part of content writing.

Articles are usually short or slightly long say up to 1500 words. On the other hand, essays are very long and descriptive usually written for up to 3000 words. Another important difference between the article and essay is that the essay contains quotations from various authors and experts. On the other hand, an article does not usually contain quotations from experts and authors.

An essay usually has a conclusion towards its end. On the other hand, an article does not have a conclusion towards the end. Essays are written on historical events, mythological and historical characters, scientific experiments, great lives, and the like. On the other hand, articles are generally written on different niches, such as business, weight loss, health, travel, technology, book reviews, product reviews, and the like.

It is thus understood, that niche plays an important role while writing an article. On the other hand, events play a great role while writing an essay. Article writing is taken up as a profession. Essay writing is included in the school teaching curriculum.


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