Difference Between As and Like

As vs Like

As and Like are two words that are often confused due to the striking similarity in their usage and meanings. Actually, there are differences between the two words. The word ‘as’ is indicative of the sense of ‘in the role of’ as in the sentence ‘he earned a good name as a writer’. From this sentence, you get the meaning that ‘he earned a good name in the role of a writer’. Observe these sentences too,

1. He earned good money as a freelance.

2. He is selected as the best off spinner.

In the first sentence, the revised meaning would be ‘he earned good money in the role of a freelance’. The second sentence can be rewritten as ‘he is selected in the role of the best off spinner’.

On the other hand, the word ‘like’ is used in the sense of ‘similarity’ as in the sentence ‘her face appeared beautiful like the moon’. In this sentence, the beauty of her face is compared to that of the moon in the aspect of similarity. Hence, the word ‘like’ is used in the sense of similarity. In other words, it can be said that the word ‘like’ is denotative of comparison. It is normally used in comparison.

Observe the sentences:

1. He runs like a cheetah.

2. She sings like a nightingale.

In both the sentences mentioned above, the word ‘like’ is used denotative of similarity arising out of comparison. In the first sentence, he is compared to a cheetah in terms of speed. In the second sentence, she is compared to a nightingale in terms of the sweet voice. Her voice is similar to that of a nightingale. This is the reason why the word ‘like’ is used in the sentence. These are the differences between the two words, namely, as and like.