Difference Between Book and Novel

Book vs Novel

Book and Novel are two words that are often confused when it comes to their meanings. As a matter of fact there is some difference between a book and a novel. All books are not novels but all novels are indeed books. This is one of the main differences between book and novel.

A book can be any thing ranging from non-fiction to fiction. Novel on the other hand is necessarily a book on fiction. It is interesting to note that autobiographies are also considered novels since they tell the story of the celebrity who writes it.

A book is a broad term used to talk about any written work pertaining to the subjects studied by the students, a non-fiction work, a work of poetry, a novel, a written work on any discipline for that matter. On the other hand novel is that term that refers only to a written work that contains a story described very elaborately.

Thus it can be said that novel is a subset of book. A writer of novels is necessarily called a novelist. On the other hand a writer of books is simply called an author or a writer. It is interesting to note that a novelist too is sometimes called a writer.

The purpose of writing a novel is to begin a story and end it successfully. On the other hand the purpose of writing a book is to begin the subject upon which the book is being written. It deals with the rudiments of the subject, explains the various principles underlying the rudiments and finally it aims at the successful completion. This is the way how a book is written.

Thus it can be said that a book and a novel differ from each other in terms of their purposes too.

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