Difference Between Cabernet and Merlot

Cabernet vs Merlot

Cabernet and Merlot are well-known varieties of grapes; they are the most widely distributed variety in the production of red wine. Whichever part of the world one is from, surely that person knows and tastes red wine at least once. In addition, these two are of the same color, black.


When one talks about the grape variety for making red wine, most likely one would think of Cabernet. In fact most red wine producing countries grow Cabernet. Cabernet also had a lot of varieties including the world renowned Cabernet Sauvignon, a crossbreed between Cabernet franc and Sauvignon blanc. One great thing about Cabernet is that they can survive in different types of climates.


Merlot is also widely used in the production of red wines. Not only that, it is a known ingredient in most wines. It is believed that the grape got its name from the French word which translates blackbird, and named such because of its color. Most wines produce from Merlot are of medium-body. In the year 2004, Merlot has been ranked as the third most widely grown grape variety.

Difference between Cabernet and Merlot

These two varieties are good primary ingredients for red wine. Both varieties are included in the top three most widely grown grape varieties; with Cabernet ranked second and Merlot ranked third, that’s as of 2004. Wines made from Cabernet are described to be of higher tannins compared to Merlot. The ideal soil for growing Cabernet is gravel while for Merlot would be clay. Another distinct thing about Cabernet is its affinity to oak, may it be in times of fermentation or in barrels. Knowing the difference between the two would give one a clearer view to these varieties.

Cabernet and Merlot are the most popular varieties for red wine making. Both produce good wines even though they have some differences.

In brief:

• Cabernet is ideally planted on gravel while Merlot should be grown on clay.

• Cabernet is ranked second as the most widely grown variety back in 2004, while Merlot ranked third.

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    Cabernet has a higher alcohol content by volume, and Merlot a higher Resveratrol content? Elucidation of said topics would have made the reading of this article – time worth spent.