Difference Between Character and Personality

Character vs Personality


Character and personality are both related to how a person behaves. Most of the time, these two words are used interchangeably, thus it might be helpful for us to discuss how these two differ from each other, that way one can have a better grasp as to what it means.


Character is basically defined to be a particular system of traits that are permanent to each person. One’s character shows on how the person acts and reacts to his or her peers; and how he or she deals everything that happens around him/her. One’s character is molded depending on his environment. If one grow up in a peaceful family-oriented atmosphere, most likely he has a good character.


The word personality actually originated from the Latin word persona; meaning mask. Personality is the set of characteristics that each person possess. Personality influences how one behaves as well as one’s motivations. The personality is the one making the person react in a certain way in various situations. Basically, it is the image that one presents in front of others, thus some refers to personality as “plastic” or untrue.

Difference between Character and Personality

Human behavior can be difficult to understand, so as character and personality. But one thing we have to understand is this; character is objective while personality is subjective. Character is something within you and is always there, for example, morals. On the other hand, one’s personality can and may change at some point in life. Take this, a person can have a good character and is known to do good things, but have a very loner and shy personality. Another person can be everyone’s best friend , but then turns out to be a traitor afterward.

One can say that character is one’s soul, the real you, while personality is your mask.

In brief:

Character is basically objective while personality is subjective.

Character is your inner self while personality is your mask.

  • http://www.facebook.com/neko.pyun Ersyad Zani

    Personality is on the surface; character is deep inside.

    You have a great personality if you are out-going and always know the right thing to say to people.
    You have a great character if you are honest even when it’s difficult to be so.

    You can almost fake personality, but you can’t fake character.

    The difference between personality and character is somewhat like the difference between weather and climate.

  • Phil

    That article was not correct.A persons character is not fixed and permanent.Character is malleable if a person is motivated to do so and has trained therapy help usually.A few examples of character problems would be chronic depressed,anxiety,dishonesty,emotionally disturbed,hostile,alcoholic,low self esteem.Good character few examples,ambitious,helpful,cheerful,intellegent,good self esteem.Personality is not changeable.Such as your appearance,introvert or extrovert to one degree or another,your speech.Maybe more than I can think of.

  • Allan Botha

    Character defines who you are…Personality is what you use to face the world outwardly,its what you choose to present to the world.
    Character=underwear (basically one dimensional,limited variation,more secure)
    Personality=outer clothing (changes as situation or need arises, not as stable,)