Difference Between Classical and Baroque

Classical vs Baroque

Classical and Baroque are two types of music forms. They are different in terms of their characteristics and rendering. Baroque music lays more importance on adornment. In fact, the musicians of the Baroque genre were the first ones to use multiple instrumentation. They also used complex harmonies too in their compositions.

Classical music began with the invention of the sonata. Two different moods were set initially by the earlier classical singers, one related to lyricism and the other one related to pace. On the contrary, the musicians that belonged to the Baroque style composed their music in only one mood.

The Classical period employed the use of Piano only in the composition of its music and songs. The musicians strictly followed certain rules and regulations while composing music. The ABACA rondo style of the classical musicians differed from the ABACABA rondo style of the Baroque musicians.

Baroque musicians had more freedom in their manner of composition. They concentrated on improvisation too while the classical performers enjoyed no freedom and hence could not concentrate on improvisation. This freedom gave the Baroque musicians the opportunity to ensemble the solo performances.

As a matter of fact, the Baroque performers were the first ones to establish the opera form of music genre. Research showed that the freedom they enjoyed made them explore the field of opera. This is not the case with the classical performers.

Baroque style of music prevailed earlier when compared to the classical type of music. It is firmly believed that the Baroque style overlapped with the classical type in the course of time. Gradually the classical performers dominated the music scene of the major part of Europe.