Difference Between Conjunctions and Connectives

Conjunctions vs Connectives

Conjunctions and Connectives are two words used in English grammar that show differences between them when it comes to their application. As a matter of fact, conjunctions are used to join two sentences. On the other hand, connectives are used within a short or a long sentence. This is the main difference between conjunctions and connectives.

A conjunction normally connects two sentences. Some of the examples of conjunctions are ‘but’, ‘because’, and ‘however’ as in the examples:

1. He secured low marks in the examinations because he did not prepare well.

2. He is a very strong man by body but he is very weak by heart.

3. You have come late for the examination; however, you can take the examination.

In all the three sentences given above, you can find that the conjunctions are used to connect two sentences. It is very important to know that a sentence cannot begin with a conjunction since it is deemed grammatically wrong to begin a sentence with a conjunction. Look at this peculiar sentence

‘A sentence cannot begin with because because because is a conjunction’! Hence a sentence should never begin with ‘but’ or ‘because’.

On the other hand, connectives are used as connecting words within a sentence. Some of the wonderful examples of connectives are ‘in addition’, similarly’, ‘likewise’, ‘besides’, ‘further’, ‘furthermore’, and ‘thereby’. It is interesting to note that the connectives are generally used to indicate different purposes such as addition, sequence, consequence and contrast. Sometimes they are used to indicate reason and time as well through the application of words such as ‘since’ and ‘because of’.

Words such as ‘obviously’, ‘certainly’ refer to certainty, whereas words such as ‘in conclusion’ or ‘to conclude’ refers to summary. These are the interesting differences between conjunctions and connectives.

  • Michael Tidd

    Although your article is interesting, it contains a mistake. However, you ought not be upset since it is a common one. Because sentences with subordinate clauses can be inverted, they often begin with the conjunction. While you were reading this, you might have noticed that all of mine do.

    • Dragenyx