Difference Between Cream and Milk

Cream vs Milk

We all know what milk is as we survive on this liquid food as soon as we arrive in this world in the form of milk from mother’s breast. Like humans, most mammals have mammary glands that produce milk that is for the dietary requirements of their little ones. Humans have, however, realized the importance of milk in the daily diet and domesticated such cattle that give milk. Cream is a byproduct of milk that is used for various purposes. Many people, despite having seen and used milk and cream do not know their full differences. This article attempts to highlight these differences to make use of these products accordingly.


Milk is a liquid food considered very nutritious for the newborns of humans and most mammals. This white liquid is produced by mammary glands of the female mammals, to feed their young ones. Milk is the most easily digestible food item, and babies, until they develop the ability to digest solid foods, are recommended to be given mother’s milk alone for survival.

Milk and other milk products are important sources of nutrition in developing countries. Efforts are on to improve the technology and increase milk production throughout the world to help the world to combat poverty and malnutrition. Milk is both a natural food source for babies in the form of breastfeeding and a source of food and nutrition for adults through milk obtained from other mammals such as cow and goat.


Cream is a product of milk and is taken out of milk by making use of a centrifuge also called separator. This centrifuge rotates milk in a bowl so that the layer of milk containing high butterfat comes to the top to be skimmed away. Making cream out of raw milk is an easy procedure as whipping milk when cold separates cream from the rest of the milk. However, the milk we buy from grocery stores is the one that has been homogenized. It means that the fat globules inside the milk have been broken in such a manner that later on they cannot be separated from milk.

If you buy cows or buffalos fresh milk every day, boil and keep it in the refrigerator. The cream forms at the top in a few hours that you can separate using a spoon. Store this cream in a bowl, and when it is sufficient, take it out, add water, and churn in a mixer to get the cream.

What is the difference between difference between Cream and Milk?

• Milk is a dairy product produced by mammary glands of mammals though it is also produced by women, to provide nutrition to newborns in the form of liquid food.

• Cream is a product of milk and is separated from raw milk by whipping it

• Cream has a higher fat content than the rest of the milk (6-8% as compared to 4% in the rest of the milk)

• Cream is used to make many dairy products and other bakery products such as pastries and cakes. On the other hand, milk is used as a source of nutrition for infants as well as adults