Difference Between Dogs and Cats

Dogs vs Cats

Dogs and Cats have been in human history even before the birth of Christ. They are treated as gods and goddesses in ancient mythology and are highly respected. But today, as people are more civilized and less-believing in ancient beliefs, cats and dogs have been domesticated and adopted as pets.


There are numerous mythological characters and events that are associated with dogs. For example, dogs serve as the guide for the spirits after they die and bring the spirits to afterlife. Dogs are also the best guardians. In ancient Egyptian pyramids, figures of two dogs guarding the pyramid’s entrance can usually be seen. It’s the same way as today that dogs tend to sleep near our door entrance.


Cats (scientific name: Felis catus) are widely used as pets in homes and are expected to hunt disease-carrying pests like rats and cockroaches. They have excellent hearing skills and are able to see clearly in darkness. It’s what makes them an excellent predator of vermins in our house. Due to their durability of surviving falls, they are believed to have nine lives.

Difference between Dogs and Cats

In a military point of view, dogs are the defensive force and cats are the offensive ones that attack the enemies. Dogs fight together especially if a member of their pack (group of dogs) is abused. Cats on the other hand, are territorial creatures, meaning they would fight and attack creatures that will disturb their territory. When you arrive from work, dogs wag their tails the moment they smell your scent and jumps on you like they want to hug you. Cats are different because when you arrive and scratch them, they seem to pretend that they are still asleep.

Dogs are suitable for men and cats are best for women. But men’s personalities are like cats, a territorial being that would fight for their turf and can live alone not needing others. And women’s personalities are like that of a dog that needs to be in a group and can’t live without others.

In brief:

• Dogs are excellent guardians for our homes while cats are the best assassins of rodents other disease-carrying pests in our homes.

• Dogs fight for their pack and cats fight for themselves.

• While dogs wag their tails when you arrive from work or school, cats tend to ignore you not until they smell you preparing their food.