Difference Between Frittata and Omelette

Frittata vs Omelette

When you are at home and hungry but do not find anything but eggs inside the refrigerator, making an omelette or a frittata seems to be the best option to satisfy your hunger. This is because of the ease with which these two yummy breakfast items can be prepared. They also take very little time to prepare. However, there are people who think that the names frittata and omelette both mean the same and that the two breakfast items are one and the same thing. However, there are differences between a frittata and an omelette and these differences will be highlighted in this article.


Once you have found eggs, and the ingredients that you are going to use as filling, just beat the mixture containing egg white and these ingredients and pour this mixture on a frying pan and slowly cook to make the frittata. It is an Italian style of making omelette where cheese, pasta, vegetables etc. are taken and added to eggs. This mixture is beaten and poured on to a hot frying pan and allowed to cook slowly. The word frittata is Italian and comes from another Italian word called fritto that literally means to fry. For comparison, it can be considered close to a Spanish tortilla. Thus, it basically remains an omelette that contains a lot of other ingredients to make it a heavy meal.


The easiest of ways to prepare an omelette is to beat eggs with a little water and pour the batter on to a hot fry pan and cook it at high heat. When we are talking of French omelette, the fillings are dropped on to the eggs so prepared, and the omelette is folded to cover the filling. Thus, one can have an omelette with just the eggs though additional ingredients allow one to have a French omelette or an omelette that is as per one’s taste.

What is the difference between Frittata and Omelette?

• Frittata is Italian in origin and is a variant of omelette.

• Omelette is made quickly over high heat, whereas frittata is made slowly over low heat.

• Ingredients are mixed with the batter in case of Frittata whereas the ingredients are placed on the omelette, and it is folded to wrap them inside.

• Omelette is folded whereas Frittata is open faced.

• Omelette is eaten hot, whereas Frittata is eaten at room temperature.

• Omelette is French in origin, whereas Frittata is Italian in origin.

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